2023 Album - Egbert Juffer: Organ Works - Volume 1

Over the last few weeks I recorded a new album on my recently aquired Hauptwerk Organ. This album will be the first volume of the series 'Egbert Juffer: Organ Works'. Each volume in this series will entirely consist of compositions from my hand and will be played on the sampleset of the Fleiter Organ (2014), at St. Ludgerus, Billerbeck (GE). Today is Volume 1 being released.

The album 'Egbert Juffer: Organ Works - Volume 1' is a Recital on the brilliant 'Billerbeck' sampleset, and features 9 original compositions for Organ. It is as of today available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. The album is also for sale as a download on this website, where alongside the recordings (in MP3 format) a very extensive and informative booklet is provided to the listeners. (Please note that this booklet is exclusively available for customers purchasing the album on this website. It is not separately sold and not available on any of the streaming platforms where the album is available for streaming and/or purchasing.)

The programme of the Recital is as follows: 

  1. Fanfara di apertura per Organo, Opus 28 (written in 2023)
  2. Preludium 1, Opus 15 No. 1 (written in 2019) 
  3. Preludium 2, Opus 15 No. 2 (written in 2021) 
  4. Rondo in C, Opus 5 (written in 2018)
  5. Theme and Variations in F minor, Opus 19 (written in 2022)
  6. Humoresque, Opus 20 (written in 2022)
  7. Passacaglia in G minor, Opus 17 (written in 2021/2022) 
  8. Largo, Opus 24 (written in 2022) 
  9. Humoresque, Opus 23 (written in 2022) 

Volume 2 of the series will be a programme of Chorale Preludes, and Volume 3 will be a programme of Christmas Music. I already started writing the music for Volumes 2 and 3, and it is my aim to produce and release both albums later this year.

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