Music Engraver

Holding a range of certificates and diplomas in Music Theory, Music Literacy & Composition, as well as being an active composer and arranger, Egbert Juffer (LVCM, ALCM, AMusLCM, ATCL, FGMS) offers a range of Engraving, Theoretical, Arranging and Orchestration services.

Engraving & Theoretical Services

Music Notation & Transposition*:

Converting handwritten music and/or manuscripts into professional sheet music;
(Re)Notation (& correction) of an existing score;
Transposing music from any key into any key and delivering sheet music in the new key;
Converting music for transposing instruments into concert pitch;
Converting music from concert pitch into music for transposing instruments.  

Arranging and Orchestration Services

Arranging, harmonising and transcription*: 

Harmonisation of melodies & songs;
Writing arrangements and settings on Hymn tunes, (Folk)Songs, Spirituals etc.;
Transcriptions, e.g.: dictation and notation of a recording.    


Transferring music for Piano/Organ into an instrumental setting, e.g. a piece written for Piano into a piece for Woodwind quartet, whilst maintaining the integrity of the original piece.

Further Info


*Please note that prices of these services largely depend on difficulty level and length of the music as well as the state and/or clarity of provided materials.


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