Frequently Asked Questions

In case you might have questions about purchasing music, run into an issue or if something isn't working properly on this website when for example purchasing music, we piled together the 'Frequently Asked Questions'. If you can't find your Q&A here, don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page and we are happy to help. Thank you, and apologies for any inconvenience if and when experienced! Team EJ

Which payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available when purchasing music and/or donating on this website:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express & PayPal

JCB, Discover & Diners Club

I am having trouble when trying to pay by card, what can I do?

This can happen if your browser is not triggering the pop-up that happens when trying to pay. This is likely an issue with your browser settings. You could try the following options to get this sorted: 

Clear web browser's cache; 
Disable pop-up blockers;
Disable any browser add-ons or extensions.

If this doesn't help, you could try a different web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). Alternatively, if you do have a PayPal account, you could try to purchase through PayPal; a payment method also integrated on this site.

How works downloading music on this website?

After successfully purchasing digital (sheet) music you will automatically receive an email with a download link, on which you can click to start the download. The download links in your email will be active for 5 days after receiving. You can use the download links in your email as many times as you need during these 5 days. After 5 days the link will expire, meaning it is no longer  possible to download the music.

Please note when purchasing music on this website: 

Egbert Juffer & EJ Music Publishing Ltd. are the copyright holders (℗ Egbert Juffer / © EJ Music Publishing Ltd.) of his albums 'Golden Christmas Classics' (©℗ 2012) and 'Christmas Carols (©℗ 2020).
All Albums/EP's/Singles from 2022 onwards are published with EJ Music Publishing Ltd., which holds the full copyright of those releases (©℗ EJ Music Publishing Ltd.).
A selection of sheet music of Egbert's compositions are published with EJ Music Publishing Ltd., which holds the full copyright of these works from the moment they are written.

All sales and transactions are administered by (which makes you a customer of)  EJ Music Publishing Ltd. (more information on this is provided in the next Q&A section).  

Who am I buying from on this website?

When purchasing music on this website, you are a customer of EJ Music Publishing Ltd.
This company runs this website and administers all transactions on behalf of Egbert Juffer.

EJ Music Publishing Ltd. 
Company Registration No.: 10669943 

Registered address: 
63/66 Hatton Garden, Fifth Floor Suite 23 
London, EC1N 8LE 
England (UK) 

Office -, Trading - & Postal address: 
A87 (near the Kyleakin roundabout), 
Kyleakin, IV41 8PQ 
Isle of Skye 
Scotland (UK) 

Please note that we work with an appointment only policy!

Your support through listening to and buying music as well as donating is greatly appreciated: it enables Egbert to earn a living through his music-making activities and of course to make more music available for you!