Egbert Juffer is an active composer and writes new music regularly. Egbert studied -among other subjects-, Music Theory, Music Literacy, and Composition and holds a range of diplomas in these subjects, including a Licentiate diploma in Composition at the Victoria College of Music and Drama, London, and at the London College of Music both an Associate diploma in Music Literacy and an Associate diploma in Composition. Through Egbert's studies and the journey and progress he made as a composer, Egbert developed a compositional style that probably is best described as Neoclassical. His works have been played throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. Sheet music of his compositions and arrangements are available with EJ Music Publishing Ltd. and sound recordings featuring his compositions are globally available on all major music streaming platforms as well as for purchase on this website.


In General

➣ Egbert studied Composition with Gareth Green and holds, amongst a range of other qualifications, diplomas in Composition from the London College of Music & Victoria College of Music and Drama, London.

➣ To date, Egbert's Catalogue / List of Works totals 47 Opus numbers comprising 60 works, and is steadily growing.

➣ As a thinker, Egbert often has a Reason, Theory or Philosophy behind the music he makes, which also applies to the music he writes. E.g. the Passacaglia in G minor, Opus 17 is a work where each Variation ‘represents’ a thought about music. It is a work where Philosophy meets Music.


➣ As a composer, Egbert often identifies himself as a Neoclassical composer, as he strongly recognizes -and identifies with- some of the 'traits' of Neoclassism in music, such as order, balance, clarity, perceptible thematic processes and emotional restraint.

➣ Egbert seeks to write rich harmonies, and expands harmonies at certain points, but there is always a clear sense of tonality.


➣ Writing music for Organ;
(Both for liturgical & non- liturgical purposes)

➣ Writing Lieder;
(Writing German-language Art Songs for Voice & Piano)

➣ Writing for small Chamber settings;
(In particular Wind instruments, i.e.: Solo Wind instrument + Piano, Wind Quartet/Quintet/Octet/Decet/Double Quintet etc.)

➣ Developing as a composer.
(Improving writing skills, developing style & expanding the catalogue into a varied List of Works)


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 Albums of Egbert's compositions are available on this website and on all major music streaming platforms.

List of Works

Egbert's compositions and arrangements are catalogued chronologically, through the use of Opus numbers.

Sheet music

Sheet music of Egbert's compositions and arrangements are published with EJ Music Publishing Ltd.

Listen to Egbert's compositions on YouTube

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