Latest release: Christmas Recital 2023

Christmas Recital 2023

Egbert Juffer, Jeroen Sarphati

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Album with the live audio recording of Christmas Recital 2023, performed by Egbert Juffer (Tenor) & Jeroen Sarphati (Grand Piano), featuring 6 Carol settings for Tenor and Piano (Opus 42) written by Egbert Juffer.

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About Egbert

Egbert Juffer


➣ Egbert is a Classical Musician who works as a Music Publisher, Composer, Classical Singer, Music Teacher & Music Engraver.

➣ Egbert holds a range of qualifications from the ABRSM, London College of Music, Trinity College London & Victoria College of Music and Drama, London.

➣ Egbert is a Thinker who often has a clear Reason, Theory or Philosophy behind the music he makes, and hopes that the music he makes is valuable to the listeners and enriches their lives.

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