Music Teacher

Holding a range of certificates and diplomas in Music Theory, Music Literacy & Composition, as well as being an active composer and arranger, Egbert Juffer (LVCM, ALCM, AMusLCM, ATCL, FFSC, FGMS) offers music lessons in the subjects Music Theory and Composition to pass on his knowledge and experience.

'Do you wish to be able to read and understand music?'


By studying Music Theory you will learn how music is written down, learn to recognise elements, signs and symbols and their meaning. Egbert guides his students step by step on their journey of studying Music Theory with a clear purpose: From learning the basic elements you learn to start reading the music. And from being able to read music, you will learn to analyse music and from there to understand music. Throughout this journey there are plenty of examples of music, both written and recorded, where the student can listen to, so it's no 'dry theory'!

Whether you play an instrument, or sing, or like to listen to music, through understanding more about music you enable yourself to appreciate and enjoy the music on a deeper level than you did before!

I enthusiastically teach Music Theory: Find out more below and do get in touch if you wish to learn more about music!” - Egbert Juffer

Teaching Services

List of Teaching Services

Lessons in the subject Music Theory (all grades); 
Lessons and preparation for graded exams in Music Theory following the ABRSM/LCM/TCL* syllabuses (all grades); 
Marking past papers for Music Theory exams (all grades); 
Lessons and advice in the subject Composition following the LCM* syllabus (all grades); 
Lessons / consultation(s) in the subject Composition by discussing (a) submitted composition(s). 

*ABRSM: Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, LCM: London College of Music, TCL: Trinity College London

Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy behind teaching Music Theory

It is Egbert's believe that being able to read the music and understand it is necessary for every musician, whether amateur or professional. Often students are more interested in playing their instrument or singing than in learning theory. However, it is really rewarding to explore deeper understanding of the music one is performing and to enhance musicianship. Some students like to study for exams; others prefer to focus on deepening understanding without wanting to take exams; all are welcome! 

Further Info


Lessons are being given from a professional music studio on the Isle of Skye, Scotland where local students can visit and from the same studio online by Skype, Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp for (long) distance students.

Times & fees

➣ 30 Minutes: £17.50
60 Minutes: £30.00

Disclosure Certificate

Egbert holds a clear DBS certificate.

Booking lessons

To book music lessons click here to get in touch with Egbert.