Egbert as

Over the years, Egbert has developed into a versatile musician.
Find on this page an overview of all his activities, as well as links to subpages on each of these roles and activities.

Music Publisher

Egbert is Music Publisher at EJ Music Publishing Ltd., a publishing company specializing in publishing sheet music and sound recordings by a number of 20th and 21st century composers and artists.


Egbert is an active Composer and writes new music regularly. His catalogue includes works for Organ, Voice and Piano and a range of other instruments and settings. Egbert also writes arrangements and orchestrates music (see Engraving services below).

Classical Singer

Egbert is a Classical Singer and has performed in Concerts, Recitals, Opera and Oratorio. Repertoire covers the Baroque, Classical and (Post)Romantic Era's, as well as some of his own songs and arrangements.